Cover for when it counts

Buying a home is a huge life event for everyone; it requires a large amount of money, it takes up a lot of time, and it involves a number of different parties. Most people do not consider what would happen to their money if they can’t proceed through no fault of theirs.

We know it’s more than a rainy day fund

At Keoghs Conveyancing we offer you access to a Homebuyers Protection product which can reimburse money that has been paid out by you should things not go ahead as planned.

You will automatically be provided with this cover as soon as you instruct us. It includes

  • Up to £1500 worth of cover
  • The seller accepting a higher offer for the property
  • Withdrawal due to an adverse search result
  • Withdrawal due to a mortgage lender down valuing the property
  • If you or the seller cannot proceed due to loss of employment

Comfortable conveyancing

Any documentation that we may require can be sent to us via our online portal, an innovative platform that enables you to commence with the process without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Next steps

Deeds. Done.

If you require more information or a detailed quote, please fill in the details and a member of our team will be in touch.