Making moving less daunting

Whether you are a first-time buyer about to begin the process for the first time, wanting to share ownership or equity, purchase a new build, interested in buying to let, or simply want to know more about homebuyer protection, we have a talented team who can guide you through the different processes.

Comfortable conveyancing

To help make the route to completion as quick and simple as possible, we have designed an online portal for you to use; which means you can go through the entire process without leaving your home.

On top of all of this, we offer a Homebuyer Protection product which safeguards you from losing money if things don’t go ahead as planned.

Why should you choose us?

  1. Team of experts who have experience in all forms of buying
  2. Homebuyer Protection
  3. Our online portal makes the process quick and easy
  4. Reputation for excellent customer service
  5. Certainty and transparency of pricing

For information regarding buying a leasehold property take a look at the Leaseholder Guide to Lease Administration Fees

Key stages of buying a home

1.  Welcome pack received

On receipt of your signed welcome pack and Money on Account, we will acknowledge your instructions 

Upon receipt of your money on account, your searches will be requested unless you instruct us to the contrary.

2. Evidence of title 

On receipt of a contract and evidence of title from seller’s conveyancer

The documentation can be checked and we will notify you that this is being done, we will send you a preliminary report for you to review and you will see the enquiries we have raised.

3. Mortgage offer

We will notify you of receipt of your Mortgage Offer and the associated documentation.

4. Once all outstanding matters are finalised 

We will send you a final report showing the responses to the enquiries we have raised and review your file to see the current position with regards to exchange. We will also ask you for the Deposit and any other monies due if applicable


6. Preparation for completion

  a) We will carry out bankruptcy and Land Registry searches and will refer any entries to yourself or the seller’s conveyancer as appropriate.

  b) We will request your mortgage advance to be received at least one working day prior to completion.

  c) We will request from you any balance required to complete.

7. Completion day

Provided all monies are received from yourself, your lender and any buyer (on a related sale) we will send to the seller’s solicitor the purchase money.

On receipt by the seller’s solicitor the keys will be released as arranged. (usually with the estate agents)

8. Post completion administration

   a) We will pay the stamp duty

   b) An application will be made to the Land Registry to formally change the property into your name. Once this is processed we will notify you in writing.


Next steps

Deeds. Done.

If you require more information or a detailed quote, please fill in the details and a member of our team will be in touch.