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The auction process is a fast paced environment. Our team of experts will take the time to guide you and ensure that you are all set to enter the auctioning arena, helping you go from the sale room to the sitting room with ease.

Buying at Auction

Purchasing a property at auction is a good way of avoiding rising prices and shortage of supply, but it can be cut-throat and risky as when a successful bid is accepted you are committed to a very quick completion date with little or no opportunity to withdraw.

Therefore it is vital that you have considered all of the financial and legal information surrounding the property before attending an auction. Our specialist team have experience in this field and will ensure you enter the auction with confidence.

Selling at Auction

Similarly to buying at auction, selling a property at auction is much quicker than the traditional method as it avoids a number of lengthy procedures. Whilst there are a few alternative types of auctions, generally if an exchange takes place, completion is required 14-28 days after – but don’t panic, our experts are here to help you keep up with the pace.

Stay clear of uncertainty.

If you are looking to sell at auction, you will be required to complete a legal pack prior to the auction. There are specific requirements depending on the type of property, auction and the auctioneer, and a property cannot be sold without an adequate pack. Therefore, it is important that the contents are checked and completed efficiently.

Rest assured we have this in hand, our automated pack compilation service utilises technology to facilitate speedy compilation of packs. It removes uncertainty and any possible delays, allowing properties to be marketed as soon as possible.

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